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The Faculty Awards

The Faculty Awards are now in their tenth year and it is part of the Contemporary Academic Meet – CAM. The VIFA scheme was instituted in the year 2015 by the Centre for Learning Network (CLN) of Venus International Foundation (VIF). This Annual Awards are presented yearly during the CAM.

1. General Eligibility

This annual award is open to 'Higher Education Teaching Faculty Member' of any nationality, who is in good standing at the time of the nomination, and in the age group of 27 – 70 years and has good academic record. The nominee must have completed a recognized Doctorate Degree (PhD) or its equivalent.

Faculty Member: An active 'Full-time Regular Faculty Member' working in a Government or Private Academic Institutions (Autonomous / Affiliated College or University) at the capacity of Lecturer / Senior Lecturer, Assistant/Associate Professor and Professor.

2. General Evaluation Criteria

Extensive Knowledge – Mastery of the Subject – Creative Thinking and Dedication to the Profession – Significant and Sustained Contributions to the Institution and/or the Community at large – Quality and Competence evidenced by continuing Intellectual Accomplishments and Pursuits.

3. Evaluation Criteria for Research Activities

Grants – Patents – Collaboration with Industries and Institutions – Contracts – Publications (Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Short reports or Letters, Case Studies, Methodologies and Books) – Invited Lectures and Presentations – Membership in Professional Organizations

4. Evaluation Criteria for Teaching Activities

Innovative Teaching Methodology – Development of a New Program – Innovation in Course and Curriculum Design – Transform Traditional Classroom Communities into Shared Experiences (New Services, Projects and Activities as a collaborator and consultant) – Research Activity.

About The Venus International Award

The Venus International Award Recognizes Individuals for their Quality, Reliability and Competence to Apply Knowledge and Skills to carry out specific tasks.

The Venus International Award is a Certificate. It's a Non-financial Award. It is a Formal Authentication; A Seal of Approval – A Recognition – A Written Assurance to a Person.

The scheme has a Policy, Nomination Form, Expert Committee and Judging Process etc that are governed by the Board of Trust.