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Young Faculty in Biomedical - 2016

    Lavkush Dwivedi - Facts

    Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi

    Born : 16 April 1983 , Raebareli , India

    Affiliation at the time of the award :

    Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Bundelkhand University , India

    The Award :

    The Young Faculty Award - 'Certificate, Bronze Medal and Memento' has been bestowed to Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi in view of recognition of his Contributions, Achievements and Excellence in Biomedical

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Life and Work

Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi started his professional career as Lecturer in 2006 at Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi, India. Since 10 years as teacher he is continuously involved in making committed efforts to impart quality education to the students by widening his horizons and coming up with the advancements in his teaching methods. As a result of that, more than 70 of his students have been qualified CSIR-UGC NET exam and pursuing PhD from India’s reputed scientific institutes, 125+ students absorbed in pharmaceutical companies at responsible posts. Dr. Dwivedi is passionate to materialize the imagination of students with his teaching efforts and providing them a depth of knowledge of the subject and demeanour to make a good biomedical scientist and nice human being to every student.

His research interest is focused on different aspect of Immunology and Human health care; and teaching interest covers Immunology, Human Physiology and Genetics. In 10 Yrs. of his research career, Dr. Dwivedi has developed a predictive in-silico tool for online Human Health Risk Assessment and Management. The tool is useful in taking self health assessment by the users and identifying the health risks at their nascent stage, before they become detrimental. Moreover, Dr. Dwivedi is also involved in working on evaluation of immunomodulatory and other therapeutic potential of medicinal plants found in Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh. So far, Dr. Dwivedi has been published more than 50 research/review articles in world's reputed national and international journals of Life Sciences, and authored 02 books on ‘Human Health Risk Assessment’ and ‘Important Medicinal Plants of India’.

He delivered numerous invited lectures at different university/institutes in India and participated in more than 40 conferences. Moreover, Dr. Dwivedi has been organizing convenor of about 10 national conferences/symposia/science quizzes etc at Bundelkhand University. At present, he is serving as editor of over a dozen international journals of life sciences, and has been Guest Editor of 02 special issues on ‘Immunomodulation & Therapeutic approaches’ published by South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology (SAJEB; ISSN-2230-9799) in 2011 & 2013. His teaching and research efforts are recognized by several awards including 02 very recent ‘Young Faculty Awards’ bestowed by Venus International Foundation, Chennai & Education Expo TV, Kolkata in July 2016.

Moreover, he received ‘Young Scientist’ and many best presentation awards in national/international conferences including silver medal from Immunology Foundation of India for his invited lecture on RNA Vaccine at Andhra University, Vishakhapattanam (2010). See more at: http://lkdbiomedical.webs.com/

Area of Specialization : Biomedical

Copyright : 01. Research Publications : 45. Books : 02. Book Chapter : 01(Submitted). Research Articles : 21. Review Articles : 20.

Articles Edited in Special Issue : 11. Editorials in International Journals : 02. Letter to Editor : 09. Edited Special Issue as Guest Editor : 02. Paper Presented in Conferences : 28.

Conferences & Workshop Participated in : 08. International: 21. National Workshops Underwent : 04. Training Underwent : 07. Editorial Board Member of Research Journals : 12. Research Projects Submitted : 02. M.Sc. Dissertations Supervised : 03.

Total Teaching Experience : 10 Years. Conferences/Symposium/University Level Science Quiz/Science Exhibition Organized : 11 Invited Lectures. Delivered : 09. International Member of Scientific/Academic Societies : 10. Faculty Member, International Academic Bodies : 02

The Process

The Venus International Faculty Awards - VIFA, ( is a part of VICAM ) celebrates teaching as the noblest profession in the world by recognizing extraordinary teachers who have demonstrated excellence in engaging their students in inspiring - innovative - path breaking ways to ignite their potential. VIFA 2016 is convened by the Centre for Advanced Research and Design ( CARD ) of VIF and conducted in accordance with the VIF BOARD MEETING resolution vide F. No. VIF / MIN / BM - II / 2016 held on March 16, 2016 at VIF Head Quarters. The VIFA 2016 invited nominations vide F. No. VIF / CFN / FA / 2016 opened on 18 March 2016 from candidates those are in continuous regular service in universities and colleges and working in the frontiers of agriculture, engineering, medical, science, management and other specializations.

-Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi submitted his nomination in the Science Specialization for VIFA 2016 on 07 June 2016 and the same has been selected for the YOUNG FACULTY Award in the field of Biomedical based on the Expert Committee report and APEX Committee recommendations as per the 'VIFA Process'. The selection has been communicated via a formal letter [ F.No.VIF/ACP/FA/2016 (AAP-II) ] dated 13 June 2016 to Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi ( Nomination Code - FA16NC2349 ). Subsequently Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi given his consent to receive the Award by submitting the registration form on 17 June 2016.

The Presentation

- Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi has 'Attended and Participated' in the Contemporary Academic Meet-VICAM 2016 ( Agenda : Technical Talks, Research Discussions & Award Ceremony - VIFA 2016 ) organized by the CARD of Venus International Foundation on 9th July 2016 at Green Park Chennai.

- The Young Faculty Award - 'Certificate, Bronze Medal and Memento' has been bestowed to Dr. Lavkush Dwivedi in view of recognition of his Contributions, Achievements and Excellence in Biomedical by the following Guest of Honors namely Prof. Manoj Gupta of National University of Singapore, Hon'ble Mr Justice T.N. Vallinayagam of Tamilndau & Prof. Matthew Hibberd of University of Stirling, on 9th July 2016 at the VIJAYA Hall, Green Park Chennai, India.

"Its a matter of great repute for young faculty/researcher like me"

Q1. What is your principles on teaching and learning?

Ans : Use of familiarization activities in class room teaching to ensure maximum understanding of the concepts. 2. Articulation of learning objectives, instructional activities and assessment in teaching methods. 3. Prioritization of knowledge and skills. 4. Modulation in teaching ways according to students’ perceptiveness & their feedbacks.

Q2. What's the most significant change you have brought in your institution and what has been the impact?

Ans : 1. Emphasized on class room seminars to develop communication skill among students. 2. Started trends of describing any given mechanism or concept by the students before his/her teachers, senior and junior students which stimulated individuals for deep understanding of the concepts for describing to others. 3. As audio-visual/video based learning is more explicable and memorable hence, promoted a video based learning of the concepts through ppt presentations in my institute. 4. Emphasized on practical based learning: Firstly trained students in lab experiments viz. blood group test, heamoglobin test, BP measurement, cardiac efficiency test etc. and then asked them to measure data of other students of the institute which enabled (a) Students to better understand the experiments by repeating it on different –different students. (b) Department to have eyes on students’ health by calculating their general health parameters on time-to time. 5. Promoted extra-curricular activities viz. plantation, blood donation, group discussions, quizzes, debates on social issues etc. under Students’ Journal Club of our institute.

Q3. What's your proudest achievement in the last 5 years and why? what did you learn along the way ?

Ans : Placement of more than 130 students in Indian universities as faculty member and/or in pharmaceutical companies at responsible posts, more than 70 students cracked CSIR-UGC NET exam and pursuing PhD from India’s reputed scientific institutes is my proudest achievements in last 05 years. During this duration, I learned that living students’ expectation is the real joy of teaching profession.

Q4. Outline your plan for next 3 years?

Ans : To keep continue my committed efforts to impart quality education to the students by widening my horizons and coming up with the advancements in my teaching methods. 2. To develop an effective drug formulation to enable our immune system to fight against deadly microbial infections by immunopotentiation. 3. To materialize the imagination of students by providing them a depth of knowledge of the subject and demeanour.

Q5. What this winning mean to you?

Ans : Being rewarded by a globally acknowledged foundation like Venus International Foundation is a matter of great repute for young faculty/researcher like me. It motivates me to be more passionate for my work and do something innovative for the science.